Ketamine Treatment for Bipolar Disorder North Texas

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What is bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness in which the patient has extreme and sudden shifts in their mood. Symptoms include a severely elevated mood which is called mania as well as depression episodes. That is why it is sometime called manic depression or bipolar disease. 

Bipolar patients can face difficulty managing their daily tasks at work and school or maintaining healthy relationships. Currently, there is not a cure for bipolar disorder but there are various treatments available to manage the symptoms.  


 The usual symptoms of bipolar disorder are depression episodes, hypomania and mania. 

In the manic state, the person will feel emotionally high, have euphoria, feel impulsive, and have excitement. During this episode, they can engage in behaviors such as:

  • Drug use
  • Unprotected sex
  • Risky behavior 

Hypomania is similar to mania but symptoms are not as severe. Although the symptoms are not as severe as manic episodes, they can still cause a disturbance to daily tasks.  

During such an episode, you will experience:

  • Hopelessness
  • Deep sadness
  • Too much or too little sleep
  • Energy loss
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Lack of enjoyment in activities that you usually enjoy

This disorder may be difficult to diagnose because its symptoms vary in person to person. Many treatments can manage this disorder effectively. Counselling, medication, or lifestyle changes can help along with natural remedies.

Bipolar Disorder Treatments

There are various medications available to help treat bipolar disorder. These medications can be effective for some people but may also present with a host of side effects.

Evidence is emerging that, ketamine treatment for bipolar disorder can be very effective for patients that have failed conventional treatment.

Why choose Ketamine?

Studies have shown that ketamine treatment can lead to a significant improvement in the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Ketamine treatment might be the most effective medication for bipolar disorder today when other medications have failed. Ketamine therapy for bipolar disorder is available at Neuroglow Clinic. Please contact our clinic to see how ketamine therapy can help you today.