Ketamine Therapy For Depression
North Texas

Depression Treatment in Dallas and Fort Worth Texas

Depression or depressive disorder refers to a very common and severe medical illness which can lead to a never ending cycle of negative thought processes and feelings. There are different traditional treatment options available to treat the symptoms of depression. These include depression medications, electroconvulsive therapy, psychotherapy and cognitive behavior therapy.

Over the last few years, an avalanche of studies have came out to support the use of ketamine to treat treatment resistant depression. Studies have shown that on average, roughly 70% of patients suffering from severe depression have responded favorably to ketamine depression therapy

Why use Ketamine for Depression Treatment?

Ketamine has an excellent safety and side effect profile and has been used successfully over the last 50 years in various healthcare settings. The evidence has now emerged that ketamine has real impact on treating treatment resistant depression. A novel property of ketamine in relation to treating depression is that ketamine works rapidly on the brain to help alleviate the symptoms of depression. Some patients start to feel relief hours after ketamine infusions.

Traditional depression therapies can take weeks or even years to show improvement. With the quick onset of ketamine depression treatment, patients are discovering that they can have real results in a short amount of time. Ketamine infusion clinic Flower Mound is offering ketamine treatment to help you feel like yourself again.