Ketamine Therapy Pricing
North Texas



Ketamine 6-infusion Series Program for New Clients

Cost: $2,000
(Includes 6 Infusions)
$375 per Infusion

(On average, most patients require 6 ketamine infusions in initial series)

Our clinic is committed to maintaining world class standards for Ketamine Therapy. Combining ketamine infusions with integration coaching has shown to be beneficial to long- term success. For these reasons, we have included this extremely valuable service as part our program. Rest assured that we will provide you with a supportive and well-rounded ketamine experience.

  • Two (2) Ketamine Integration virtual coaching sessions with a Certified Ketamine Integration Specialist. (For information, follow this link
  • Initial Ketamine Consultation
  • Two – B-12 injections (Intra-muscular)
  • Support to submit online claims to insurance companies

Every guest at our clinic also receives:

  • Private Infusion rooms with luxury recliners and special mood lighting
  • Noise canceling headphones with curated Ketamine Therapy Augmentation Music
  • Access to Ketamine Clinic Nurse for questions or concerns
  • Access to Osmind app which allows you to track your progress overtime

Ketamine Therapy Booster Support Package:

Cost: $1,500

AFTER the completion of your initial series of infusions, we have provided an optional support package for your continued support. This support package will guarantee you with an additional 6 months of support from our clinic.

  • This package will consist of 1 ketamine infusion every 3-4 weeks for a total of six additional infusions
  • Access to monthly group support coaching calls (virtual)
  • This package is open to all patients who have completed a ketamine series with our clinic


We are committed to helping you in every step of your journey and that includes facilitating a financing solution. We have partnered with Advance Care which offers a quick and convenient option for financing Ketamine Infusion Therapy.

Health Insurance:

We know how hard it is to get reimbursed for Ketamine Therapy and that is why we have partnered with Reimbursify. You will get personalized support to submit claims to your private insurance company. With Reimbursify, you will be able to submit out of network claims for free in a matter of minutes. All claims submitted from Reimbursify are free to submit from our clinic.