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Ketamine therapy alone has the power to have a substantial positive impact on your life, but when you combine ketamine therapy with integration, you can take your treatment to new heights! During ketamine infusions, you may receive insights that can feel very powerful in the moment. However, if these insights are not integrated, they may soon fade. Integration is the process of taking the lessons learned during your experience and applying them to your daily life. This will provide you with additional benefits beyond what you experience from the ketamine infusions alone.
With the help of an integration specialist, patients can expect to see further positive changes in thought patterns, attitudes, and behaviors. An integration specialist can help you prepare for your treatment, set intentions, and give you tools to help you remain calm and open during your infusions. They can also help you identify insights gained after your treatment and apply them to your daily life. Additionally, an integration specialist can help with goal setting and planning action steps to help you become the person you would truly like to be.
We believe in Ketamine Integration so much that we offer two free sessions of ketamine integration with our ketamine integration specialist.