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Cost: $500

Here at NeuroGlow we want our patients to get the most out of their treatment so they can feel their absolute best. One of the services we offer is looking into your nutrient levels to check your Vitamin D, Magnesium and other micronutrient levels that can affect your mental health and overall wellbeing. This is done through a simple blood test. Once we get your results back, we will set up a time to review your results with you. Together we will customize a treatment plan to correct any imbalances found in your blood work.

  • Micronutrient lab testing
  • 30 minute initial visit with a provider to review your labs
  • Custom treatment plan to correct micronutrient imbalances
  • Nutrition coaching/education
  • 10% off nutritional supplements purchased in office
  • 10% off IV nutrition therapy
  • 20 minute follow up visit with a provider